Who ??? The teenagers from two different countries.

Where ??? Ranum (Denmark), and Piekary Śląskie (Poland).

Why ??? Because there are no borders that can stop our spirits.

Hello there! We are your new friends from Poland.
We cannot wait to see you!!!!

My name is Karol. I'm 14 years old.


Liwia Baran "Hi! I'm Liwia and I 15 years old.


Hello, my name is Wiktoria. I'm fifteen. My hobby is photography.

Hi! I'm Marta. I like to listen to music and play the guitar.

Hi! We are Karolina and Julia and we're 15 years old. We like music and movies :)

My name's Sara and I'm 15. I love art, especially drawing. Besides that, I read books/manga, watch TV shows/anime or chat with people.

My name is Daniel Majowski, I’m sixteen years old. I live in the south of Poland, in a quiet and small city-Piekary Śląskie. I’m a student in Public Junior High School No. 2 
I’m keen on travelling and I love to get to know new cultures. I also like listening to pop music especially Taylor Swift. My biggest hobbies are aviation and photography. In future I want to work as a cabin crew member. Best wishes!

Check out my Instagram @danny__my

My name is Julia and I'm 15 years old.
I like music and theater. And my hobbies?
I love dancing, swimming and reading a lot of books... I'm a good actress too :)

Hello! My name is Weronika, and I'm 15 years old. I like music and dreaming.

Hi! My name is Julia and i'm fifteen years old. I like sports but the most volleyball :)

Hello! My name is Kamil and im interested in biology and chemistry. I very enjoy taking part in this project. Nice to meet you all!

We are the students of Ranum-Skole in Denmark :-)
Jens, Jonas, Anna R, Emma, Aske, Emil, Asbjørn, Marius, Rosa, Ida, Serina, Laura, Gustav, Josefia and Anna E.

My name is Emma, I am 12 years old.
I like to swim but I don't like tomatoes.

Hey, my name is Emil, i like wearing black huts 😊.

I'm Jens. I like video games and sport. I like to swim. I hate xbox, it's a copi of PS4.

My name is Aske and I am 12 years old.
I like to play football. My hobby is computer games.
I don’t like vegetables.

My name is Jonas I like to play ps3 and I like girls ☺. My favorite food is meatballs in karry.

Hi my name is Rosa😄 I am 12 years old, and I like candies🍒🍉🍇🍓 I love ostepops and kanonkugler😜😋 I also love babies😍 especially my litlle sister😍😘😇 she is sooooo cute😇😆 and then I love animals and my family😍 My hobby is singing, riding, and being cool😂😍 I don't like evil humans, and snails😒🙁
Have a nice day everbody😀😄😇😎😆👍💕

Hej, I'm Ida.....I like sweets, my family and I food, especially popcorn.
My hoppy is to be together with my friends, and I like to play the piano. Moreover, I like to play computer games.
I dont like people who mistreat animals

My name is Marius and I am twelve years old. I like to play ps4 and my hobby is sailing. I don't like xbox.

My name is Asbjørn, I am from Denmark. I am an handsome dude (not a dating site) I like playing computer games all day long (I think some of you understand it). I am 12 years old.

Hej it's me...Rose, again, together with my shy friend Laura. Laura loves horses,just like me, but she hates tomatoes :-)

My name is Gustav. I like to play football , professionally. I also like to play computer games, especially FIFA :-)

I'm Josefia, I love to sing really much. I also LOVE my dog Bumle. I don`t hate anything.:-)

Hi, my name is Mike. I like motorbikes and pop music.

Hi my name is Anna. I like riding and listening to music.
I don't like insects :-)

I'm Morten I am 13 years old. I like to play on my pc with my friends. I don't like xbox and school